Homes and land for sale in the beautiful
countryside of rural inland Croatia
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Homes and land for sale in the beautiful countryside of Croatia

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why do people buy property in the beautiful countryside of Croatia

We specialise in finding countryside property in the beautiful rural region of inland northern Croatia. We offer land plots, weekend houses, homes in a village setting, leafy suburban residences, plots for self-build enthusiasts, ruins, renovation projects, lonely homes far from anywhere... everything for people who have a dream of country living, full or part-time.

Here you can see a range of properties, presented by price, and get an idea of how much your money can buy. As is the case of buying property in any country, there are some rules you need to know and some pitfalls which are best avoided. Our information pages will present you with an overview of everything you need to know, there is a free comprehensive information pack available should you decide to look deeper.

We help people find the right property at a very affordable cost and, if you wish, we take care of all the official and legal paperwork to make your purchase problem free.

Take a browse through our website and, if you think you may like to look a little further, contact us and we will answer all your questions.

We are available to help you with everything you need to know - no pressure, no commitment, no sales pitch! Just email us, contact us through facebook, Twitter or simply pick up the phone.

Tel: 0385 (0)91 308 0531

Homes and land for sale in the beautiful countryside of Croatia

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March 21st 2015.
Just in today is a sweet land parcel comprised of building land and forest. Located near a country village amid dramatic hills. Come and build your dream home here.

March 12th 2015.
New today is a large land parcel comprised of building land, forest and agricultural designations. Three building plots on your very own hillside, all of it. Come and build your dream home here.

March 6th 2015.
We're excited to be back among the motorsports sponsors. We've joined a program with Europe-wide drag race news service website in order to be seen by large numbers northern Europeans. Judging by previous experience, our partnership with will produce the desired results.

March 4th 2015.
Still the kuna continues to sink against sterling, the dollar, even against the Euro. Today's google rate is £1 = 10.56 kuna, yet another record high in recent years (see image). This is bad news for Croatian wage earners and savers but good news for foreign investors.

March 3rd 2015.
More good land plots are arriving on a daily basis, here's one fully in a building zone yet located in the countryside. No ownership problems with this one.... 40m x 35m building plot for sale..

Previous news items

February 24th 2015.
The new season seems to be starting early as new offers come rolling in. Here's a nice opportunity near to Zagreb .

February 22nd 2015.
A new record for recent years has been reached in that one UK pound now buys 10.47 Croatian kuna. One US dollar buys 6.82 kuna (Data from Google finance). For those residents of Croatia with a foreign currency income, these are very good times!

February 12th 2015.
A reminder of summer. Here's a 30-second video clip of the courtyard at a beautiful barn conversion at Crnlenjaki. See Ref:0647 for the property details and HERE for the YouTube clip.

February 11th 2015.
In response to the feedback we've received, we have significantly changed our website to a much more focussed and simplified format. The properties are all there along with the key points for buyers but the mass of detail has been collected and collated into an information pack which is free on demand. We think the big picture is now much clearer to grasp. Please take a look around and let us know your thoughts. Message us via our facebook page or just email us on

February 6th 2015.
You can now check out all the latest news from directly from our Twitter feed or by checking out our new service on Facebook. Get all the latest information sent straight to your mobile device.

February 1st 2015.
We have just received an instruction from the owners of a really nice plot of building land to reduce it from €29,000 to €8,000. Things which look too good to be true often are - but in this case, the owner needs to sell the land NOW. Check out our property page at Ref: 0543 .