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We specialise in finding countryside property in the beautiful rural region of inland northern Croatia. We offer land plots, weekend houses, homes in a village setting, leafy suburban residences, building plots for self-build enthusiasts, ruins, renovation projects, lonely homes far from anywhere... everything for people who have a dream of country living, full or part-time.
Here you can see a range of properties, presented by price, and get an idea of how much your money can buy.

As is the case of buying property in any country, there are some rules you need to know and some pitfalls which are best avoided. Our information pages will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the important aspects of buying real estate in this beautiful region of Croatia.

We help people find the right property at a very affordable cost and, if you wish, we take care of your investment by making regular visits to keep everything in order, inside and out, if you are away for extended periods. Check out our "SleepEasy" housekeeping programme.

We are regularly called upon to fix small problems, a leaky tap, replacing light bulbs, blocked sink etc., It's all part of the service. Indeed, we often oversee major works (new roof, replacement windows, building projects etc.) on behalf of our clients. It can all be done, no matter if you prefer to be present or instruct us from afar.

All our properties are advertised only after we have investigated their documentation and audit trail with great care. If you are buying anywhere in Croatia, not through our service, we offer a comprehensive report into your chosen property using the same investigation thoroughness we use for our own protection. It is vital to know what you are getting into before you start spending money on legal processes or paying a deposit. For more details, click on "Investigations". For less than £100, it will be money well spent.

Of course, buying property in a foreign country where the language of officialdom can be a daunting prospect, we help here too. Our Croatian staff understand the requirements of foreign buyers and have worked with due diligence on many occasions to get all the legal documentation completed correctly. With our help, the legal processes can be navigated without stress.

We are available to help you with everything you need to know - no pressure, no commitment, no sales pitch! Just email us, contact us through facebook or simply pick up the phone.
Good hunting!

Tel: 0385 (0)91 308 0531


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Latest news...

March 30th 2017.

So the negotiations start! How will this affect UK citizens who wish to relocate to Croatia full time? Will visas be required? If so, who can/cannot qualify for a visa? We can only wait for answers as the politicians do their thing.
Luckily, this will not affect holiday home owners, Croatia already has a documentary process for foreign citizens world-wide.

March 27th 2017.

SOLD. Sometimes properties stay on our books for quite a while and then... someone turns up for whom that property is just what they'd been looking for. We have people who've been searching for a while too, then a property arrives which just ticks all the boxes.
It takes patience sometimes.

March 22nd 2017.

We've been running our Facebook news and update service for a while now, it has proven remarkably popular. Now we are adding a YouTube service where we can post many more images in slideshows, more pictures means you get a better idea of properties in which you have an interest. We'd love you to subscribe of course. More movies and slideshows are on the way. Your suggestions will be welcomed.

March 16th 2017.

New instruction: A recently modernised dual purpose property in Čakovec, licensed for business, residential use or both.
Located in a leafy suburban setting yet only a few minutes walk from the city centre, this traditional style house sports completely new infrastucture... wiring, plumbing, insulation, roof, flooring, windows, doors, heating and air-conditioning. A very large rear annexe (see pic) adds a plenty of space for living, working, hobbies etc.
Offers are invited to €119,000, details can been seen HERE.